Jazz Sound and Jazz Time – Workshop

A new 2 day workshop is in the planning for February.

Day one:
Jazz Saxophone Sound. We will be covering the physical aspects of creating and maintaining an effortless and free blowing art of playing. I teach an adaptation of the method that was taught by legend Joe Allard. Topics also covered are breathing, posture and holding the instrument. Students are expected to play so bring your instruments. Maximum of 6 students.

Day two:
Jazz Time and an easy way to learn it. Here we clear up misconceptions about time, (timing), counting and syncopation by learning an easy approach to verbalize and then internalize polymeter and syncopation. All students will experience the feeling of form without having to count. Rhythm and syncopation are the basis of jazz music. Students will learn how to shift the emphasis from the “correct notes” to solid time feel and perfectly felt syncopation. Maximum of 6 students.

Please feel free to contact me for details
mail AT beecroft DOT de