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This site is dedicated to presenting the ideas and concepts I teach in my jazz workshops.

Recent additions: Saxophone Tone Production, Simple Reed Preparation

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Vimeo videos on the topic of saxophone tone with an emphasis on learning a technique that produces a big, liquid, warm and dynamic tone, effortlessly. The terms “open throat” and “voicing” will be reexamined and seen in a new light.

There is far too much emphasis put on the notes and almost nothing taught about rhythm, time and syncopation. The rich language of jazz is all too often reduced to the study of scales, licks and patterns – to be mindlessly practiced without any connection to syncopation or articulation. There is almost no material available on the conception of  “jazz time”. How one feels time and form in a jazz setting is very different than in more traditional musical settings.

It is my intention to help aspiring jazz musicians find their way to the music through curiosity and joy. Although repetition is an important aspect of practicing, mindless repetition of patterns or licks does not make the material accessable in real musical situations. This way of practicing is boring and bored people do not practice effectively or for longer periods. If there is a secret to rapid progress in music, it is to to practice in a way that makes one curious. Curiosity is a form of happiness and happiness improves personal performance like nothing else on earth.

So please stay tuned.

David Beecroft


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