A new 2 day workshop on Jazz Saxophone Sound & Jazz Time (syncopation)
February 7th & 8th 2015

Day one:
Jazz Saxophone Sound. We will be covering the physical aspects of creating and maintaining an effortless and free blowing art of playing. I teach an adaptation of a method that was taught by the legendary woodwind teacher Joe Allard. Topics also covered are breathing, posture - as it relates to holding the instrument as well as reed preparation for consistency and longevity. Students are expected to play so bring instruments. Maximum of 6 students.
3 + hours

Day two:
Jazz Time and an easy way to learn it. Here we clear up misconceptions about time, (timing), counting and syncopation by learning an easy approach to verbalize and then internalize polymeter and syncopation. All students will experience the feeling of form without having to count. Rhythm and syncopation are the basis of jazz music. Students will learn how to shift the emphasis from the “correct notes” to solid time feel and perfectly felt syncopation. Maximum of 6 students.
3 + hours

Course fee 50,- Euro per day to be paid (latest) two weeks in advance.

Coming in March:

A 2 day workshop on Jazz Ear-Training and Jazz Improvisation

Day one:
Ear training method based upon natural tuning – intervals and scales. We will be exploring singing and playing along with specially developed play-alongs that present 12 pure (natural tuning as opposed to equal tempered tuning) intervals occurring within one octave. With these interval play-alongs we will learn to sing and hear the basic tonal building blocks of jazz improvisation.
3 + hours

Day 2:
Modes and Harmonic Function (V7 -> I)  Two approaches to improvisation. The student is presented with a way to internalize and improvise over the most common modes used in jazz – with out an excessive dependence upon thinking while playing. Additionally the student will be presented with an approach for internalizing the most important harmonic function found in the standard song harmony – the V7 -> I  progression, in Major and Minor keys.
3 + hours

Course fee 50,- Euro per day to be paid (latest) two weeks in advance.
Course materials – books & play alongs – will be made available for download upon course payment.

Please feel free to contact me for details
mail AT beecroft DOT de


Recent additions: Saxophone Tone Production, Simple Reed Preparation

Older posts:
Vimeo videos on the topic of saxophone tone with an emphasis on learning a technique that produces a big, liquid, warm and dynamic tone, effortlessly. The terms “open throat” and “voicing” will be reexamined and seen in a new light.

There is far too much emphasis put on the notes and almost nothing taught about rhythm, time and syncopation. The rich language of jazz is all too often reduced to the study of scales, licks and patterns – to be mindlessly practiced without any connection to syncopation or articulation. There is almost no material available on the conception of  “jazz time”. How one feels time and form in a jazz setting is very different than in more traditional musical settings.

It is my intention to help aspiring jazz musicians find their way to the music through curiosity and joy. Although repetition is an important aspect of practicing, mindless repetition of patterns or licks does not make the material accessable in real musical situations. This way of practicing is boring and bored people do not practice effectively or for longer periods. If there is a secret to rapid progress in music, it is to to practice in a way that makes one curious. Curiosity is a form of happiness and happiness improves personal performance like nothing else on earth.

So please stay tuned.

David Beecroft


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