the in breath

Effective Practice Methods series

The following is the first of a series of videos on the subject of saxophone concepts that I have found to be true and very to the point. The information is not second hand but comes out of an honest enquiry to understand music, the saxophone and myself.

Let’s begin at the beginning. The beginning is that moment before you actually start. Everything comes out of this moment. It sets the direction and the limitations fore once you start you are on a set path that can not be exited as you will always find your way back to it. It is like a train track with no switches.

If you were to let an arrow loose from a bow with the intention of hitting a specific point, the most important moment is not when you let go of the arrow. It is the moment just before you draw the string back. Let’s find out what that means as it applies to breathing life and music into your instrument.
Getting it right before you play