Rhythm and Syncopation

Practice ideas for developing time and technique

Hal Galper Master Class Rhythm & Syncopation

David Beecroft on Syncopation and developing time feel

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  1. Hi David,
    I found your syncopation exercise video very helpful. Up to this point I have been struggling to find and hold on to the 2/4 swing tempo using Lennie Niehaus jazz exercises which involves counting and legato tonguing Ta, Dot, Doo, Dit. Your approach feels more natural to me. I have been looking for your Beginning Improv. books as well as Sound, Modulation & Movement in North America but so far nothing. I find that both Aebersold and Greg Fishmen’s play-alongs for improvisation are too fast for me and was hoping that your’s might be more appropriate for my level of playing at this point. Any advice would be appreciated. I look forward to future videos that you might put up. Fyi, the Hal Galper on your page is broken however I was able to find his master class elsewhere on the web. It was very informative.
    Brian Christie

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