Recent Concerts in Prague with Guitarist Libor Šmoldas

I often play with players from other countries. We put together a program and make concerts mostly for the joy of playing together. One doesn’t usually get rich from playing. With music, especially these situations, the shared experience is very momentary. The audience may be tourists or some regular jazz club listeners. The four concerts we played were well attended but small venues and basically we were heard once in this formation and may not be heard again with this program or formation. What is it like to be in a new city, a place that is changing and growing? What is my impression of this experience? Can we as listeners and players hold onto this a little longer? Can we share it?

As well as being a saxophonist I am adept at recording and work as a photographer for other artists and companies. The following is an impression of the city of Prague and some of the music we played there.

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