Joe Allard

Although I have never had the pleasure of meeting or studying with Joe Allard, I must admit that his concepts and methods have – through the media of video and antidote – influenced my approach to both learning and teaching to a very large degree. I highly recommend that any serious student of saxophone and clarinet investigate deeply the material to be found at the following addresses:

It is my strong opinion that Mr. Allard expounds the most flexible and practical method of playing woodwind instruments to date, no matter what style one expresses ones self in. As always, anyone who is learning to play an instrument must adapt and make the information that they believe to be true their own. I think that, as a woodwind player, one should try to understand and put into practice that which Mr. Allard is demonstrating, (in the YouTube videos and links), to really be able to appreciate and decide whether the information is true for themselves or not. Personally, I think the method that Mr. Allard describes represents the state of the art of modern woodwind playing.

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